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To ensure that your bicycle tour with us will be most enjoyable, we need some information from you... We only require your details in our enquiry, booking or contact forms, which are absolutely necessary to keep in touch with you, satisfy all your demands as much as possible, and provide you with our best personal service.

Protection of your data

Needless to say that we will always keep all your personal information confidential and secure, and will never share, trade, sell or rent with any third parties.

If you send us a general enquiry, we just need your name, email and country, to give you all your required information, keep in touch with you, and identify you. If you enquire about any of our tours you selected, we also need to know which tour, when, and how many of you would like to take, to inform you about our availabilities…

If you book any of our Bike Tours, we will ask you for some further information, to make sure that we can give you the proper bike and equipment, satisfy all your needs as much as possible, and contact you in any emergency cases.

Of course you don’t have to give us all your details we require, if you don’t want... Just please note that we can only fulfil all your wishes, and provide you with proper equipment and our best service, if we know all your needs and all your necessary details!

If you send us any enquiries or bookings, we will keep your details until you ask us for deleting them from our database. If you book a tour with us, we will definitely keep your details until your tour will be completed. We will also send you one or some newsletters every year, to inform you about our tours, dates or news, until you unsubscribe. If you want to get your details deleted, or unsubscribe from our newsletters, just write us an email to our address any time.


With our Bicycle Tours, we would like to provide you with most wonderful experiences... and hoping you can enjoy a nice experience already on our website, we don’t use any annoying pop up windows about our cookies, which are also here to offer you an easy use of our homepage, and more personalised user experience. You can also manage your preferences connected with cookies on your own browser...

Our Copyright

All our bike tours, texts and photos of our website are made by Marietta Tihanyi and Peter Beck, the owners of TradNatura Sport Ltd. All the contents of our website and our social media sites, made since 2007 up to this time, as well as our name TradNatura Sport and our domains tradnaturasport and cycling-tours-in-hungary are owned by ourselves, and protected by Copyright. Copying and using any of our tours, photos, texts, parts and details of our website or social media sites without our permission, is against the law, and entails legal consequences! We can’t take any responsibility for the quality of any illegally copied bike tours, or for any contents found on any other websites made by “talented” “copy writers”... It might be easy to copy our photos or texts... but never the TradNatura experience... as we always explore everything and guide our tours personally ourselves, to offer you the nicest ingredients, and provide you with unique experiences.... which brings us lots of happiness... and makes a big difference...!

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