Cycling tours Hungary Austria Italy - What our guests say

First  and foremost, we would like to thank all our kind friends and guests very much  for writing such a lot of nice words about their experiences on our cycling  tours in Hungary, Austria and Italy. Here  we would like to quote some of their thoughts from our Guest-Book:

“Dear Marietta and Peter, Thanks for providing us with a unique experience in Hungary. We can understand your pride in your culture and countries history, and we enjoyed your companionship. There is no enjoyment like traveling the countryside by bicycling. Thinking of you!”

Bogusia and Larry - USA - 2018

“Dear Marietta and Peter, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make this so special. I really do hope that I can join you for another bike ride and history tour. I feel very privileged to have been able to do your wonderful trip. I hope your tours continue to be successful. With love”

Muriel - Australia - 2018

“Marietta and Peter, Thank you for another wonderful trip. We loved the rides, sights, food, hotels and company. We look forward to our next opportunity to ride and travel with you! All the best” 

Carrie and Tim - USA - 2018

“Thank you for making our bike ride such a memorable experience. Both Barbara and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and really appreciated the effort and planning you undertook to ensure a safe tour that accommodated everyone. Wishing you all the best for the future.”

Barbara and Wayne - Australia - 2018

“Dear Marietta & Peter, We thoroughly enjoyed your cycling tour around Salzburg. Wishing you all the very best”

Rudy & Cheryl - Canada - 2018

“You two have been a life treasured experience for me and good fortune for my children and Liliya as well, you should be proud of your accomplishments.”

Paul - UK - 2018

Dear friends, Thank you for introducing us to Hungary and the beautiful places in the back-country! We so enjoyed the TradNatura tour and learning about Hungary’s past + present. Forever we’ll remember it all. With gratitude, in friendship. The speed cyclists:”

Elena and John - USA - 2018

“Marietta & Peter, We have wonderful memories of our too-short week with you... Best wishes”

Barry - USA - 2018

“Peter and Marietta, Thanks for a great week. We had a wonderful time!”

Jim and Val - Canada - 2018

“Thank you for a wonderful vacation!”

Anne & Doug - Canada - 2018

"Peter, I just wanted to say thank you for your's and Marietta’s efforts. Everyone had a great week, and in the 25 years we have been doing this thought it one of the best we have done. So thank you."

Adam - England - 2017

“I so thoroughly enjoyed my time in Hungary. I experienced and learned so much about Hungary. I definitely plan on returning. I have recommend you to several folks. Thanks you again for a super time, you both are incredibly nice people and excellent tour guides.”

Tom - USA - 2017

“Dear Marietta and Peter, Thank you so much for a wonderful bike trip. It exceeded all of our expectations. Not only was everything planned perfectly but we loved being with the two of you because you have such a sweet relationship. You are the best! Love”

John and Jane - USA - 2017

Dear Marietta and Peter, Thank you for an absolutely spectacular trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the riding, the accommodation, and the food. You were great guides, managing all the logistics very professionally and in a friendly manner. We hope to see you again.

Steve & Sandy - USA - 2017

Hi Marietta and Peter, We are now all back with wonderful memories of a beautiful 10 days with you. We all had a great time and thank you once again for a job well done. Your planning was impeccable. We look forward to planning our next trip with you. Fond regards from all.

Leon - Australia - 2017

Dear Peter and Marietta Thank you for yet again preparing a fabulous bike tour for us. You researched it well and it was a great combination of riding touring and of course great company. We hope to repeat this wonderful experience soon! Warm regards from the Aussie cyclers.

Agi - Australia - 2017

"Dear Marietta and Peter, What a wonderful trip. So much enthusiasm about your beautiful country and its interesting history. Wonderful wines, wonderful food. A truely first class experience. Thanks so much for taking such good care of us and providing so much information about your wonderful country! Food was incredible and we had never had such 1st class accommodation. We hope to come back and join you again, maybe in Austria. P.s. Wines were incredible!!! Love"

Beth + Gerry - Vancouver, B.C. Canada - 2016

"Dear Marietta and Peter, Thank you very much for an outstanding tour of your homeland. It was truly an unforgettable experience. It was such a privilege to get to know you and your beautiful country better. Armando and I learned so much about your history and delicious cuisine. We will have so many lovely memories of both of you and Hungary, and we cannot wait to share our wonderful experience with our family and friends. With love"

Cynthia and Armando - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2016

"The third time was just as great as the other trips. Great food and places to stay and of course lots of good wine. The only bike trip where you can gain weight! Everything was perfectly arranged. We will be back!"

Paul & Judy - USA - 2015

"Dear Peter & Marietta, It was obviously a great decision to come back to Hungary and go gallivanting around the countryside again with you! Thank you for another flawlessly planned and executed tour. Hope to see you again soon. Love"

Chetan - USA - 2015

"Dear Marietta & Peter, Thanks again for a fantastic trip. I learned a lot, and was grateful throughout. Look forward to seeing you again... on our next trip. Love"

Amit - USA - 2015

"Year two - again a beautiful tour where everything is completely taken care of, and we are all feeling like royalty. I’m so grateful for our partnership and looking forward to continued travel with you! Sincerely"

Diana - USA - 2015

"Thank you for all the information on Hungary and a wonderful cycling trip. You both are great host & hostess. We felt part of the family. Hope to see you again."

Rick & Ann - USA - 2015

"This was a great trip. Peter & Marietta did a fantastic job. All parts of the trip went flawless."

Don - USA - 2015

"Dearest Marietta & Peter, Thank you so much for the care to detail to ensure all our needs were met and always with a beautiful smile and nothing was ever difficult for you. Thank you for making our holiday such a great time, and for your wonderful planning and consideration to find something unique for us to experience! Much love and hugs to you both from"

Angela - Australia - 2015

"Dear Peter & Marietta, It has been such a pleasure meeting you both! What a surprise Hungary is... such a rich history - and told with such pride, joy, humour and love. I leave Hungary with such fond memories - and a much better understanding of your history and place in the world. It is no wonder that so many people have invaded the Carpathian Basin! Such beauty and plenty! We loved every moment of it, and I hope we meet again. We are ‘kindred spirits’ and such spirits always reconnect... "

Jane - Australia - 2015

"Thank you so much for your kindness, for all you have done for us to make Hungary a place that we now know so much more about. Your warmth of hospitality is very much appreciated, and showing us a Hungary of small villages, beautiful food and people..."

Julie - Australia - 2015

"Thank you Peter and Marietta for 2 weeks of fun, friendship, real Hungarian food, great cycling in all kinds of terrain through Hungary... I now have a real affection for Hungary after knowing nothing before!...And, oh! , all the sour cherry cakes!! smile"

Diane - Australia - 2015

"Thank you Peter and Marietta for a really special tour! You exceeded my expectations (which were already high!) It’s been a fabulous 12 days and you have spoilt us all with your warmth, hospitality and obvious great pride in Hungary. I hope one day to meet you both again!"

Lan - Australia - 2015

“Hi Peter and Marietta. I want to say how much Jo and I enjoyed the tour. Every detail attended to, wonderful food, wonderful places to stay, and all kinds of interesting sights and experiences. We have been telling all of our friends that they should go on one of your tours. Thanks again for a truly wonderful trip.”

Eric - Minnesota - USA - 2015

“Hi Marietta and Peter Thanks so much for your guided tour here in april 2015. We saw Hungary from a new perspective, very much unknown to us. The trip around Balaton was perfect for us. Exercise, good food, nice wine and interesting sight seeing with 2 well organised guides. A wonderful week. We were lucky with the weather and I think that time of the year is perfect for riding in Hungary.”

Birger and Gabrielle - Sydney - 2015

"Dear Marietta and Peter, We are all better people for having the experience of learning about and loving your wonderful country. You are great leaders and have a fantastic company. We will tell our American friends about you and recommend you most highly. Thank you so much for all you have tought us. You are the best! Sincerely"

Georgia - USA - 2014

"Dear Marietta and Peter, All the accommodations, meals, sites, and cycle routes were great. I would do this trip again! Truly a trip of a lifetime!"

Bob - USA - 2014

"Dear Marietta & Peter, Thank you for sharing your love of your beautiful country with us! We have enjoyed the sight seeings, the great meals and wonderful hotels, not to mention the cycling! You have provided a lovely experience, and we look forward to returning. Thank you for everything!"

Nancy and Lloyd - USA - 2014

“Dear Peter and Marietta, We are finally home from Europe but in our minds we are still cycling through the beautiful countryside of Hungary. We will never be able to express how much we enjoyed our tour. Everything was amazing... the food, the scenery, the castles, the spas, wines and hotels; but the most special part of the trip was cycling with you two and learning so much about your country! It was truly an inspiring history lesson. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of your beautiful country with us. We will cherish our experience and will recommend this journey to all of our friends! With love,”

Sue and Bob - USA - 2014

“Peter & Marietta, I had the best time learning about the culture and people of Hungary. It was a truly memorable experience. Thank you (Köszönöm!)”

Cindy - USA - 2014

“Thanks so much for looking after us so well and your wonderful guiding Marietta and Peter. I loved cycling in Hungary, the castle hotels, the countryside and your wines!”

Beth - Australia - 2014

“Dear Peter and Marietta, Thank you for a truly great week! We so appreciate your knowledge and expertise. We now know what a beautiful country you have, and due to your careful planning, we had an experience of a lifetime. We wish you much success!”

Jutta - USA - 2014

“Hello Peter and Marietta, Thank you for an absolutely wonderful trip. Your planning, organizing, enthusiasm and care made this an exceptional experience for us! We loved the food, wine, special museums, hotels and most especially the pride you have in your country and your willingness to share so much with us!! We appreciate all you did more than we can say! Sincerely and with much affection”

Sue and Chuck - USA - 2014

“Dear Peter & Marietta, Thank you for a gorgeous experience once again. We are the beneficiaries of your excellent preparation.”

Agi & Leon - Australia - 2014

“Thank you dear Marietta & Peter for the fabulous bike trip. You have given us a variety of rides - forests, lakes, farmland, and we enjoyed every minute! Till the next one!!”

Sue & Paul - Australia - 2014

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip and magnificent experiences. Love:”

Evi & Myer - Australia - 2014

“Thx for a great scenic trip. A VISZONT LATASRA”

Rosie & Hillel - Australia - 2014

“Dear Marietta and Peter, I had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed all the rides and all the places we visited and stayed at. I hope to see you both again next year... Best wishes for the rest of your tour season.”

Mike - UK - 2013

“Dear Marietta and Peter Your ever present kind help was as welcome as always. All together our Hungarian experience was an extremely pleasant and interesting one, which we fondly remember. Much love”

Anne and Paul - Germany - 2013

“Dearest Peter & Marietta, This has been one of the most delightful trips I’ve ever been on. What an amazing way to discover Hungary and its beautiful countryside. Biking through green and golden fields, rows upon rows of vineyards was magnificent. You both are the most generous of hosts and have so much to share in terms of the history and rich culture of this country. I would absolutely love to come back and go on another one of your biking trips. The food, wine and desserts were the icing on this adventure. Thank you so very much for making my first trip to Hungary so memorable!!! Koszonom Szepen!!”

Abhi - USA - 2013

“Peter & Marietta, We can’t tell you how glad we are that we booked our tour with you. You have made this a memorable experience! But what has been the best part is you! You have made us feel so welcome! The biking, the food, the culture is superb! The cycling route was excellent and only topped by your hospitality and knowledge of the region. The accommodation and food   was outstanding! We couldn’t be happier with your services and have a new appreciation of Hungary. We will always think of you as our Hungarian family. Koszonom”

Sue & Paul - USA - 2013

“Dear Marietta & Peter, Thank you for an amazing experience in Hungary. It was so much more than a vacation because of all the great food (that needed the biking to balance!), the amazing places we stayed at, and for the slice of Hungarian life and countryside we got to see...Hope to be back soon. Love,”

Chetan - USA - 2013

“Dear Marietta & Peter, I really enjoyed our trip thru lovely Hungary! Love,”

Amit - USA - 2013

“Hi Peter & Marietta, I just wanted to thank you once again for a fabulous experience. The ride surpassed all our expectations and we really appreciate all the extras you did for us...everyone agrees that it was a superb holiday...Thanks once again and good luck with your adventures. Kind regards”

Agi & Leon - Australia - 2012

“Hi Marietta & Peter We had a wonderful time on the bike ride both Adrienne and I enjoyed it very much. Both of you did a wonderful job in planning and the organization. Hopefully we may have the opportunity of joining you again in the future. Regards”

Adrienne & John - Australia - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta, You have a lovely country, and you should be very proud of the way you show-case it to your tour guests. We have had a tremendous time touring Hungary with you both. We wish you much success and hope we can cycle with you again. Best wishes and thank you,”

Gary and Tracey - Canada - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta, Thank you so much for our “rather delightful” biking tour. Your pride for your country is infectious. We fell in love with Hungary! One of my favourite memories will be Marietta’s jokes followed by Peter’s laughs. You both are wonderful! Thanks so much. Sincerely:”

Kelly - Canada - 2012

“Peter & Marietta, Thank you so much for such a wonderful bike trip! Your warmth, consideration and thoughtfulness was fantastic. I really appreciated your pride in Hungarian culture and history - the siege of Eger, the castles, the carriage museum, the fantastic wine tastings - gave us a fine appreciation of Hungary. So many wonderful, unique experiences... I loved the trip and will always have great memories of your hospitality. Sincerely,”

Larry - Canada - 2012

“Marietta & Peter, You put your heart and soul into your tours and the high quality clearly shows. Thank you for introducing us to the beauties of Hungary and the charming wooded back roads on our bikes.”

Carolyn & James - USA - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta, Your devotion to making “the best trip possible” is very appreciated. We also had no idea of what to expect and were very pleasantly surprised. It can be very difficult to spend such a concentrated time with other people, but your wisdom, humour, and planning made it very pleasant. We are very happy with this trip and will certainly share this with other friends. Thank you so very much for an excellent tour and introduction to Hungary. We look forward to seeing you again in Hungary.”

Dona & Jim - USA - 2012

“Dear Peter and Marietta, Thanks again for a nice trip. You take so much time to plan and arrange the tours. It’s always a pleasure to travel with you... the very best part of the tour was seeing you again. Always kind and anxious to please. Sincerely”

Myron & Ellen - Canada - 2012

“Marietta & Peter, This was the ‘hottest’ bicycle tour I ever did but you were so ‘cool’ that you made it most enjoyable. Thank you again - this is number three time - maybe a fourth.”

Sylvia - Canada - 2012

“Dearest Marietta & Peter, Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime. We enjoyed all of the tours and your knowledge of history. We would love to join you once again. Take care,”

Kathy & Gregg - USA - 2012

“Dear Marietta & Peter, I have enjoyed my second holiday with you very much. I will go home with many good memories of good cycling, wonderful scenery & good food & company.”

Gill - UK - 2012

“Dear Peter and Marietta, Thank you so much for your kindness and patience which you have shown towards me and the members of our group. You have been outstanding guides and have worked so hard to provide us all with unique Hungarian experiences. I loved it all! For this I say “Köszönöm, köszönöm, köszönöm es viszontlátásra. I really enjoyed the tour and meeting you both. It was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you.”

Jan - N.Z. - 2012

“Peter & Marietta, We are back for our second trip around Hungary, this time with our friends. Thank you for making friends with our friends. Hungary...still as beautiful and interesting as ever. Your hospitality and care excellent as ever. With good wishes...”

Roger & Susanne - Australia - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta Thank you again for the tour, it was such good fun and very educational. Your country is very beautiful. You are both delightful people and you have a wonderful company providing an excellent holiday experience. All the best for the future.”

Keiran - Australia - 2012

“Dear Peter and Marietta, Thank you very much for a sample of the highlights of Western Hungary. You have an obvious pride in your country and an enciclopedic knowledge of its history and culture. Your presentations and explanations of the sights we saw while cycling added so much to the experience... It’s something we could never have attempted on our own. We have learned a great deal about Hungary’s history and your love for your country is infectious. The riding was very well arranged, appropriately paced and catered to the needs of all participants. A great trip - one that I and Kath will thoroughly recommend to others. Our best wishes for your next tours.”

John and Kath - Australia - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta, I have had such a great time over the last 12 days. Your professionalism has been exceptional but you have also been like old friends to us all. I have learned so much about your beautiful country and I will never forget the time spent on this tour. Best wishes,”

Paul - Australia - 2012

“Dear Peter and Marietta, Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. I have learned so much about Hungary and its history... You have been so friendly and welcoming... Your knowledge and love of your beautiful country is amazing, and I will not forget you or your country... From my point of view one of the charms of the holiday was the fact that we went to small country areas, I felt we got to see the real Hungary. I have recommended you to several other friends, so I hope you continue to expand, you deserve it. Once again thank you for the holiday."

Helene - Australia - 2012

"Marietta and Peter, We still all talk of our wonderful adventure with you. It was one of the highlights of the year. Thanks again for a wonderful ride."

Leon & Agi - Australia - 2012

"Our Hungarian cycling adventure was a major highlight of the past year - Thanks again,"

Paul - Australia - 2012

“Peter & Marietta Thank you for another wonderful trip! We had a great time and appreciate all of the effort you put into giving your guests a trip to remember. We will continue to tell everyone we know about you and hopefully will return again.”

Paul & Judy - USA - 2012

“Dear Marietta and Peter, “Köszönöm szépen!” It has been a tour to remember! Thanks to you for one of the best trips we have ever experienced. God smiled on us as well with the good weather. Thanks again for all you did and we look forward to meeting you again in the future for another fabulous time! Hugs to you both, “viszontlatasra”

Andrew and Rosemary - USA - 2012

“Marietta and Peter, Penny and I want to thank you again for the wonderful tour in Hungary. It was fabulous, the biking, the superb meals, lodging and all the history you taught us, and especially the lovely times we shared together - good wine, good beer, super food shared with such good friends, life as good as it gets... Your friend,”

Paul - USA - 2012

“Peter and Marietta, I keep thinking about how much effort you both put into your tours. Your attention to every detail just amazes me, even to playing those special CD's in the van while transferring. I am so impressed with your knowledge of the history of your country."

Glenda - USA - 2012

“Dear Marietta & Peter, Thank you for the splendid trip. Best I’ve ever been on!! You two are “number 1” host & hostess... and you make Hungary very special.”

Jetta - USA - 2012

“Dear Peter & Marietta, I have never had such a wonderful tour, all your hard work is so appreciated and enjoyed. It would be hard to pick a favourite day, they were all so different and enjoyable. The food was a real treat, very special. Thank you very much for being who you are. Warmest regards,”

Kathy - USA - 2012

“A wonderful experience - great cycling, food, history, great company - the very best ever!!”

Penny - USA - 2012

“Dear Marietta and Peter, Cycling through the countryside we learned about some of your history, your foods, wines, and beautiful places. We leave with a great appreciation for the people and culture of this wonderful country. We have been delighted with the two of you both as our guides and friends. Throughout the week your focus on service was amazing. Your love of your country, knowledge of Hungarian and European history, familiarity with the wines and food, and your comfortable, friendly personalities make you so extraordinary. Thank you so much! We look forward to our next trip back to Hungary!!

Jaclyn & Greg - USA - 2012

“Thank you very much for the wonderful trip. We enjoyed our time with you and your thoughtful itinerary of scenery, castles, and wonderful food. We will always remember our wonderful trip to your beautiful country. We enjoyed the villages, and the insight to the people of a culture different from ours, which we would not have had if we could not travelled with you.”

Kristie - USA - 2011

“I think that this trip is the beginning of a new, hopefully long friendship with 2 absolutely extraordinary (!!!) people. You are so talented and knowledgeable and it has been a pleasure to spend the few days learning and playing together. See you soon on another trip, I hope!”

Mike - USA - 2011

“Thank you for being such lovely hosts - we all have enjoyed your hospitality and woderful service. We all hope to see you soon. Ka kite ano - See you later.”

Hungary Virgins - New Zealand - 2011

“We arrived in Hungary, 7 kiwis that knew very little of Hungary. But Peter and Marietta made their country come alive with their knowledge, humor and great organizational skills. We loved the varience of the country, the hospitality and their love of the country. Thank you both for the fabulous time.”

Judy - N.Z. - 2011

“What fabulous hosts - thank you Peter + Marietta for everything you have done for us. Peter we especially loved your quirky sense of humor - very ‘NZ’ - like and Marietta we loved your casual organisation and calm approach. And the wines were very special. Thank you.”

John + Juliette - N.Z. - 2011

“We couldn’t have wished for a better couple to host us in this fascinating country. They were so willing to accomadate our needs. Their love for their country we will take with us along with wonderful memories which we have shared.  Attention to detail outstanding! Thank you so much we will remember this time with fondness!”

Sue & Steve - N.Z. - 2011

“Dearest Marietta and Peter, This is our 4th time with you and as always just “extremely wonderful!”

Juliane - Germany - 2011

“Dear Marietta and Peter! In this week, I came back to a familiar feeling, which I had lost two years ago, and I am glad to be here now. Thanks a lot for all my impressions, thoughts and being with you. I hope once again.”

Manfred - Germany - 2011

“Willst du mal durch Ungarn radeln musst du Peter & Marietta fragen Sie wissen die besten Routen und Strassen...”

Giovanni - Germany - 2011

"Peter and Marietta, Our trip was fabulous, and we would recommend this tour to anyone. We stayed at the most beautiful inns and castles, ate really great authentic Hungarian food and just had a trip of a lifetime. You were wonderful tour guides, and truly found a way to combine cycling with history and adventure. You made us feel like family! It was a wonderful 10 days with many laughs and great tours.”

Helga and Joe - USA - 2011

“We were most pleasantly surprised to discover that our cycling trip was a cycling, history, geography, and Hungarian culture trip. We were learning much more about Hungary than we ever thought we would. All in all this was a great experience, and one that we will repeat if it will be possible.”

Paul & Judy - USA - 2011

“So many aspects - Peter + Marietta’s organisation, friendliness, and every bit was good, the hospitality and flavour of the wonderful hotels, and all the stops and visits were different, but comfortably familiar. Long may they have the energy and ambition to show everyone the best of their wonderful country.”

Leslie - Scotland - 2011

“Thank you for all the kind and wonderful things that you have done to make this trip extra-special. You have shown us your country in such a way that we can’t help but admire and envy the way you live your lives. You led us down the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Content with the glow of a lovely Hungarian wine, full of delicious Hungarian cuisine, and content with wonderful memories of Hungary to recall time and time again. Thank you again.”

Tracy & Jack - Canada - 2011

“Dear Marietta and Peter, Thanks for a great trip. Good hotels in the countryside, excellent food and great company. A real insight into the country of which you appear to be really passionate. I always like to get away from tourist routes to see the real country and you achieved this for me. I intend coming on another trip to see more of the country. Many thanks!”

Andy - UK - 2011

“Who knew that when a bicycle trip was suggested one sunny afternoon that we would take such wonderful time. You opened our eyes to the wonders of Hungary and to the world of cycling. We hope to continue the exercise + hopefully return with our children for another trip. We adore you and your efforts. You provided a five star holiday. We will honestly miss you. Much love”

Gail & Rob - Canada - 2011

“What can I say? This tour was perfect! It is obvious how much time and effort you put into planning this. The food, the lodging, the route, the sight-seeeing, the activities were all perfect - right down to the smallest detail. The blend of cycling, local food, and history were just I was looking for! You were wonderful hosts - I felt like your guest and your friend.”

Fay - USA - 2010

“I have many lovely memories of Hungary – the places, countryside but most of all the people. Your love of your country and willingness to share that with us really made the trip – you are special. I felt very privilege to be part of that tour as we saw the plush side of the country with the beautiful buildings and art work but we also saw how the people in the country live. I think a lot of tourists only see the cities and not the rest. Once again thank you so much for sharing Hungary with us and I hope one day I might be able to return. Best wishes”

Mabel - Australia - 2010

“Wir hatten eine wunderschöne Zeit mit Euch, liebe Marietta und Peter, Rad fahrend auf welligen Wegen, auf Schotterstrecken, bergab und manchmal auch leicht bergauf. Viel Freude und Sonne begleiteten uns bei bester Stimmung. Herzlichen Dank für alles in der Hoffnung auf ein frohes Wiedersehen.”

Manfred und Dagy - Deutschland - 2010

“Danke für ein wunderbare Reise – eine total neue Erfahrung… "über Stock und über Stein, Pferdchen brich Dir nicht der Bein…” (ein alter Kinderlied) für Euch mit lieben Dank bis zum nächsten Jahr.”

Paul und Anne - Deutschland - 2010

"Thank you for these truly memorable days with you. You have been such wonderful ambassadors for your country, showing us so many highlights - The beautiful countryside (with bird-song all the way), the people, who welcomed us so warmly, the history (through visits to cathedrals, abbeys, convents, castles), and the wonderful cuisine. You have been so kind, so attentive to every detail and we appreciate every minute with you. You are THE BEST!!!! Thank you so much."

Carolyn & Bill - USA - 2009

"You are a very special couple & you have given us a memorable, enjoyable trip - thank you both for such a wonderful and memorable holiday! We will definitely be back."

Dennis & Breege - UK - 2009

"Thanks again for a wonderful & memorable tour. It didn't feel like we were on a holiday with a tour company, more like being shown around Hungary by two friends who wanted to show us how wonderful Hungary was. You succeeded."

Ann & Greg - Wales - 2009

"Back with Peter & Marietta for the third time. As ever, a quality but fun tour, showing the variety of both known and hidden Hungary. Thanks to you both, we really feel part of the family."

Clare & Hans Jacob - UK & Norway - 2009

"Over 30 cycle tours & this was one of the best! Many thanks Peter & Marietta to your excellent organization and your good humour. Wonderful hotels, routes and picnics..."

Brian - UK - 2009