Terms and Conditions - TradNatura Sport

We would like to treat you and all our clients on a fair way. Before booking your cycling holiday, please make sure that you read carefully the Tour Descriptions, FAQ with General Information, and these Conditions! All the tour bookings and contracts made between our clients („you”), and TradNatura Sport Ltd. („we” or „us”), will be subject to these terms & conditions.

Making a reservation

Please send us the Booking Enquiry from your selected Bike Tour’s page, or Contact Us first, to check availability of the tour. We will reply as fast as we can. If we have free places, and your selected tour is guaranteed, we will send you our Booking Form, which you need to send us back completed and signed, together with the deposit / total cost of your trip, to make your reservation confirmed. The client who signs the booking form (must be over 18) will be responsible for all payments due in respect of the booking made. We will send you our confirmation / invoice as soon as we receive your booking form and deposit / full payment. The contract between you and us will come into effect from the date of our confirmation / invoice. After we have received your final payment, we will send you our invoice / voucher, and detailed arrival and local information about your holiday.


We can accept payments by Bank Money Transfer. (We are not able to accept cheque, money order, or credit cards.) Please find all the Details of our Bank on our Booking Form. Our tour prices are calculated in EURO. Should you prefer paying in any other currencies, please ask us about the prices, before paying anything. In this case we will calculate an approximate price for you when you book, and the exact price just before you are paying your balance or the total price of your tour, according to the current exchange rates of that time. A Deposit of 10% of the total holiday cost per person is required to guarantee your booking. The Balance is due latest 60 days before the start of your tour. If it’s is not received by this date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without sending any reminder, and apply the cancellation charge shown below. If your booking is made less than 60 days before departure, you have to pay the total cost of your holiday at the time of your booking. (The bank costs of the money transfers on our side we pay of course, but we are not able to cover any further occurrent bank costs, because we can’t calculate them, as they are always different, depending on the various banks. So these costs are not included in our tour prices, so you are kindly asked to pay them on your side.)

If you alter your booking

If you want to change any details of your holiday after your booking has been confirmed, you have to do it in writing, and we will do our best to help you. If you want to change your holiday to another trip after your booking has been confirmed, we may need to apply the cancellation charges below. If you decide to change or cancel any details of your holiday after the tour commences, we cannot accept liability for any additional costs, and there will be no refund for any unused elements of the tour.

If you cancel your booking

If you wish to cancel your holiday after it has been confirmed, you must send us a written cancellation, signed by the same person who has signed the booking form. The date of your cancellation will be the time when we receive it, and the following cancellation charges will be due:

Cancellation more than 60 days before tour start10% deposit only
Cancellation between 60 and 42 days before tour start25% of total price
Cancellation between 41 and 28 days before tour start 50% of total price
Cancellation between 27 and 14 days before tour start75% of total price
Cancellation between 13 and   0 days before tour start100% of total price

If you are unable to come on your booked holiday, you can transfer your booking to another suitable person, but a new booking form must be completed for the replacement person. Should this change cause any additional cost, it has to be covered by you or the other person.

If we alter your holiday

Sometimes, we may find improvements to our plans, and make small changes to everyone’s benefit. If rarely we should need to alter an itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to offer alternative arrangements maintaining our quality standards. In the unlikely event of any significant alteration of your tour, you will be notified as early as possible, and if these changes are unacceptable for you, we will offer an alternative holiday, or a refund or discount, depending on the modification.

If we cancel your holiday

We require minimum 2 guests to run any of our regular tours for the advertised prices (4 in case of bookings through agencies). Should we cancel your trip for having less guests, we will inform you latest 30 days before your departure. We also may cancel your tour, if we are forced to do so by any unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (natural disasters, epidemics, travel restrictions, wars, accidents, etc.). In both cases we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative tour. If this is not acceptable to you, you will receive a full refund of your money that you have paid us, without any of our costs incurred by the cancellation. We cannot refund any incidental costs you may have incurred by your booking (air tickets, insurance, etc.), in case of any kind of cancellation or alteration of our tours.


Our tour prices are based on accommodation in twin or double bedded rooms. If you request a single room, you have to pay a single room supplement. If you wish to share your room, we will try to find a room-mate for you, but we cannot guarantee to find a suitable person. If we cannot find anybody, you have to pay the single room supplement.

Passport or visa

You must have a valid passport to enter and leave Hungary, Austria or Italy. If you are a national of any countries of the European Union or Switzerland, your Identity Card is enough, but only if your nationality is in your ID card. So, British, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic nationals need to have a passport, as well as citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. (A Visa is required only for stays longer than 90 days.) If you are from any other countries please check with the local Hungarian Embassy or Consulate, or we can also help.

Fitness and Health

People taking part in our tours do so at their own responsibility, and we suppose that they are in good health. If there is any doubt about your fitness or ability of participation in an activity holiday, please consult your doctor. You must inform us about any medical conditions that may affect your ability or other people and their health on the tour, when you book. If you come on our tour with any illness that may affect or infect any other participants, we may exclude you from the tour! You also must meet and submit to every possible or current epidemiological and health regulation of any countries you visit on your selected tours with us!

Travel and Health Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have an adequate travel and medical insurance to cover unexpected costs due to any tour cancellation or interruption, accident, illness, injury or loss, and ensure that your policy covers you for the sport activities you will do on our tours. Such insurance is not included in our holiday prices, and we are not able to cover any extra costs incurred by any cases mentioned above.

Special requirements

We are very happy to satisfy all your special requirements you may have, such as: extra nights in Budapest, any special dietary, non smoking room, extra wishes connected with bikes, bringing your own bike, and arranging your transport to your hotel in Budapest. We would like to ask you to write us all these demands when you are making your booking, or when you are arranging the balance of your tour costs (latest) 60 days before your arrival! Of course we are trying to do our best to arrange everything for you, but later it may be difficult or not possible!


We can not be held liable for anything caused by unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, that is known as „force majeure” (natural disasters, epidemics, travel restrictions, wars, accidents, etc.), and we cannot cover any extra costs caused by any such cases. Touring by bicycle could carry some risk. We cannot accept any liability for death, accident, injury, illness, or any other inconveniences suffered by you, and for any loss or damage to your luggage or property on our holidays, unless it is caused by a negligent act or omission of us. All persons taking part in our tours must agree to observe local laws and traffic rules, and you are asked to abide by the safety advices given by your tour leaders (us). When you book, you must inform us about any medical conditions that may affect your ability or other people on the tour.

Price guarantee

We will not increase the price of your holiday once your booking has been confirmed, except due to changes of exchange rates, or increases of accommodation or other costs. Should the increase be more than 10% of the holiday price, you will have the right to cancel your tour, and receive a full refund of all money you have paid us. Once your holiday has been paid in full, no increases of the price will be done.


If you have a group of 10 or more friends, and you join us on any of our regular tours together, we are happy to offer you 5% discount of the advertised price of the selected tour. We are also pleased to offer you 5% if you return on another tour with us. This offer will be available for as many years after your tour, as many of our tours you have already taken. This discount will be deducted from the price of the tour you take when you return. We can offer you any discounts only if you book directly with us, and only one kind of discount at the same time.


We do our best to make your holiday most enjoyable. However, should you have any complaint during your tour, please notify us as soon as it arises, and we will make every effort to resolve the problem. If you are still not satisfied, please write us within 28 days of your tour end.

Privacy policy

All your personal information we require in our contact us, enquiry or booking forms, we need to keep contact with you, and provide you with our best personal service. We will keep all your details confidential, and not trade, sell or rent with any third parties.