Why is it worth cycling in Hungary?

Hungary is a wonderful country, which has still preserved its original charm and natural beauty, it’s in the heart of Europe, so it’s easy to travel here. It would be hard to explain in one sentence, what an incredible variety of interesting sights you can find here.

Hungary is rather flat with gently undulating hills, and we have several very quiet roads and paths in our unspoiled areas, so this is an ideal place for cycling tours! The local people are sincerely hospitable and friendly, and this is a safe country. Probably you have heard about our capital Budapest, Lake Balaton, or the Blue Danube, but there are lots of other attractions that make Hungary specially beautiful and colourful: the varied and picturesque landscapes of the countryside, untouched forests and meadows with beautiful flowers, our national parks, rivers and lakes with plenty of birds, healing thermal spas, the delicious Hungarian cuisine and our excellent wines, our historic wine regions, antique towns and castle hotels with unique atmosphere, medieval castles and churches, charming villages, our folk art traditions, and our World Heritage Sites, which all represent our 1000 years old history and rich culture.